Kevdogg's 265g

Vlamingii tang died a few weeks ago. He just stopped eating. Clown tang is no more. Several others have passed. No more fish from the lfs.
Yeah that's what I've heard. I normally head up to Lancaster, PA
to hit That Fish Place.

Every fish I've had die came from the more local place. No more from them.
Bump, just returning to the forums. New email and couldn’t remember my login stuff. Same tank but new stuff. Had a complete failure last Christmas and fried all my fish except 1.

For Fathers day my son decided we should get some new fish. I Completed several huge water changes and started firing everything back up. Found My controller is gone and it looks like there is only 1 option/brand for replacement controllers at the moment so I’ll be going old school mechanical timers for a while.

Current fish;
Multi color angel, lone survivor
Vermiculated angel
6 line soapfish
Streaked spinefoot rabbitfish x2
Let’s see how this goes!
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