Kevdogg's 265g

Nice looking! How big is that tang? Looks like a nice size.

Thanks. She's about 4.5" But the way she was eating this morning it wont be long before she rivals the size of the rest. Its amazing how 1 fish can fill out a tank, even a large tank.

I'm going to have to re-evaluate any additional stock ideas. :grumble:


I've always wanted an Emperor Angel, but have never had a tank big enough. Your fish are gorgeous!

Thanks Angie, the Emperor is one of my favorites.

I had to post some new pics because we just got a new camera. I'm still learning how to use it, expect more pics to follow as I experiment. :mrgreen:
Looking at my tank this morning and noticed something was wrong. A fish is not supposed to be attached to the side of a power head...

Goodby to Oliver my dog faced puffer. RIP
Oh man... sorry..

...not you have a hole in the fish population to fill.. after you make sure if it was just a normal thing.
No problem. I let things sit for a few months with nothing else added or done to the tank other then routine water changes. The new pics were filling the void that the puffer left.
The clown is going on 3 weeks in the main tank. He went through 4 weeks QT. No aggression out of him at all. I think its because he is so much smaller then the others in the tank. However he is a huge klutz running into everything. I had to rethink some of my rock-work because he was knocking it over.