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If he can fit it in his mouth, he is going to try and eat it. Ive seen plenty of pictures with a dwarf lion fish having a fish hanging out of his mouth.
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correct all of you, and little_fishie i do know about the " if it fits in it mouth it will eventually end up there" rule , thats a big reason as to why i feed him more often , to keep him happy and threat free, thought it doesnt remove the threat completely it reduces it. my clown and the mandarin are about the same size, it also helps that its like he knows not to go after them but rather to "ask" to be fed , hell open his "wings" and start going back and forth on the spot were i usually feed him at (top right hand corner of the tank) and i also make sure he eats it , yes i actually sit in front of the tank until he catches the floating krill which usually only takes about 5 seconds
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so my clown found a host ...... Brian the brain

since i haven't named the clown yet i was thinking either Stewie or Pinky lol


cool thing is that if anything gets close to it, the clown snaps at it lol including me got a couple of nicks from em the last time i put my hand in there

i think im more cautious about my clown beign close to me than the lionfish touching me lol
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got this last week


and updated shot of tank

had to move stuff around for the pink tip nem
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yep it is, he decided to pack up and move to the front and center of the tank , hes actually been rotating in mid water for the last hour or so in the same place weird but hopefully hell settle down,
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well decided to show a little growth thats happening in my tank

i saw 3 heads starting to grow off my duncan :D yey


and saw extra growth from the coco worm, a little chipped off when a hermit decided to climb on it but the next day the worm rebuild it :D

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thanks yeah the nem decided to make the back glass its home >.> story of my life lol

but oh well , so i made an order off my LFS (Fish Gallery in Dallas) because no matter where i went noone had sun corals or atleast healthy ones, and thats one from my wishlist , so hopefully next week a new sun coral will be in my tank im excited lol
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RIP small dwarf lion woke up today and he was on the sandbed beign eaten by nassarious snails, right off the back i check all my parameters all checked out

trite 0
trate 0
ammonia 0
salt 1.024
ph 7.9

corals are all fine clown and mandarin goby are swimming just fine

when i took the carcase out the lions stomach was full , as far as i could see when the light hit its stomach , he hadnt eated for the last 2 days and was having issues pooping , maybe he was constipated , dunno what else :(