JC's 29G nano

Thanks I was just curios I have the same lighting in my tank I run mine from clinics from 7 am till 830 whites 830 am till 730 pm and leds all night you think its fine or more light is needed
just an updated shot,


my frogspawn in the middle is HUUUUGE has 4 heads and still growing size of a softball
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decided to try out my new phone cam ( i know sooo high tech huh lol)

but one big diff is that i can take pics ,atleast better ones , with actinics

coming out for the night

the clove coral

fist pumping lol

zoa garden


the keeper of the zoa garden , the garden gnome hehe



from 2 small heads when i bought it to 4 big ones

superman still going strong :D

even after taking bone cutters to this guy he still thriving and growing


5 heads and growing
, so just a heads up

a few weeks back i accidentally overfed some oyster feed which almost cause my tank to crash,(i turned the skimmer off and forgot to plug it back in , which i guess cause a huge bacteria bloom overnight) i woke up in the nic of time all my fish were gasping all my inverts were at the water line , good thing the day i had just went and got water, all my fish and iverts pulled through except my purple firefish i literally saw him die before my eyes as he gasped and a small little bubble of air came out his tiny mouth , i was bummed like hell he had been my oldest of all my fish and went through alot , so after seeing my tank a little dull i decided finally time for a new fish (had been a while since i bought anything , so i added another clown to my tank and he took right in, he was being hosted by my hammer coral but saw that at night he was being a little rough when the coral shrunk , so i thought what the hell and took a shot , i bought a bubble tip from one of the better Petcos thats near me , i know the guys and thay always have their stuff nice and healthy , plus i had a $7 dollar off 30$ purchase coupon , the nem is doing fine and just like i had hoped the new clown took to the anemone like a glove , the nem has been in my tank for less that a day and the clown is already beign hosted like a guest of honor :D

I am new to this site, so please bare with me if I make any mistakes. I came to your post while reading your review about your light. I am searching for a light for my 125 gal, 72" tank. We have had a 55 gal FOWLR for about 3-4 years before we bought this 125 gal, so we are not completely new to the hobby, but I know we still have alot to learn. Finances require me to take it slow and I have (hopefully) purchased all of the big items except for the light. That is where my research gave me a headache. I got a million different opinions and the prices being what they are and the massive amount of choices can drive you crazy. I found the light you purchased and the price is right, but it really seems way too good to be true, so I wanted to ask and see if you were still a fan of it after some time has gone by? I am not even really sure that this is what will work for my tank. I have a 72" 125 gal. It has a center brace. Wondering what you would recommend for a reef tank?