JC's 29G nano


Dude Dude DUDE!!!!!!
so i finnaly decided to make a thread for my 10G

got my lights in today so im happy

Marineland 350
Koralia 1 powerhead
Oddysey Odyssea 20" 72W (4x 18W) T5 HO Lights

wondering if one koralia is enough or would 2 be better?

anyway time for pics and sry using the Droid camera hopefully they are decent



first attempt to aquascape

second aquascape ^.^

6/15/11 day before new lights

6/16/11 New lights

same angle from day before new lights looks alot nicer eh?


First corals bought


and a colt

Tank as it sits now

and honorable mention Big Daddy

when i was at the LFS i was already thinking about fragging the colt into 2 pieces (seems to big and they didnt have smaller ones ) once i got home i noticed it was already splitting itself just needs a little more for it to become two so ima leave it alone and let it do its things :D

and um yep thats it for now :Cheers:

for the time beign im only running 2 bulbs instead of the 4 and since the tank is behind my computer desk you may see a reflection on the glass from my monitor/s
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Cool...... alot of action going on no cover? those Firefish jump. If that is the nano Koralia I think that is enough :Cheers:
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thanks guys :D cant wait for the time when a clam can go it :D now the waiting game :)
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he has a glass lid on it, from the looks of it in the picture, so the fire fish should be fine

correct i had to buy one from DrF&S because the stock light had a built in light on the hood

only thing i dislike about the new lights is the leg brackets dont fit the lenght (the lights are perfect fit but the brackets stick out the sides and i dont like the lights to be sitting on the glass

which brings me to my question does the height of the lights have any effect as to how effective the lights are to the tank? right now im using some small chair leg
brackets to hold the light about 2 inches from the glass/water surface,

i was thinking maybe using shelf brakets for the lights to put them a little higher or maybe just hanging them

because as of right now everytime i wanna aquascape (or like a couple days ago) or put new corals in i have to take the lights off and well even thought its a small nuisance its still a nuisance
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decided to change the aqua scape again since the colt was covering therock behind it



and night shot bad camera

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Thanks I think one is female not sure our maybe just shy the dominant one always comes outfirst then the other slowly follows
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I really want to know if that is a hermit and what kind, he is so cool!

Yes hes a hermit and hes awesome i love em but ima have to take em out the tank unfortunately for a ten gallon hes too big :( and im afraid hell prob start bumping and pushing the corals from where i put them at ill just be happy with the small hermits

but anymawho here are my new additions as of today

Montiopora about the size of a Eisenhower Dollar prob a little smaller but not by much


Open Green Brain Brian


and a close up


and a candy cane


the one im most worried about and hope he does well is the brain ima keep my fingers crossed :mrgreen:
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new aquascape decided to do something different with the back rock i didnt want a wall so i made it "float" got the idea from the Rock magnet live rock from a youtube video i saw


aqua mag i do not mean to promote them or anything just the product i got the idea from

i used the magnet from my koralia 3 just popped it off and since the rock was flat and already had holes in it i just hung the rock like i would a coat lol

anymawho well thats it for now
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thanks guys i thought so too lol funny thing is the hermit "big daddy" likes to get on the rock lol i think hes trying to escape
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was bored so decided to make a small vid .... also makes me wanna get a better camera haha

[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UYqcmmIHnbM]YouTube - ‪JC's 10G Nano‬‏[/ame]