jaw fish

are jaw fish reef safe will they bother ant tangs or angles crabs shrimp ect...... i was given one and he goes after my hand when i go bye his home or he'll bite the fishnet if it goes bye him or the pole i think its a dusty jaw fish any info would be great thanks
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this is a pic i found online looks like this


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the fish will be ok, feed the jawfish a mix of meaty foods. Krill, mysis, enriched brine, squid, clams, sushi roe
My Blue spot is still in the water. I was at the LFS the other day and there was a guy in there who bought the other one and he doesn't have it in his tank anymore:death:

Mine likes to move the snails around, He does snap at the chromis when they get too close.
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The other fish will learn they can't go near his house. I wouldn't worry about it too much.
We had a diamond goby that had a little burrow front and center in the tank. Even the trigger learned to stay away from him.
Duskys are all show and no bite.:D Even if he does bite one of your other fish,its not going to hurt them.