Jaw fish need deep substrate?

Ordered it on Friday morning and it was shipped out on Tuesday and arrived on Wednesday. Looks like a small operation and can't depend on the exact ship date like big online store like DFS. It was shipped in a small box with newspaper as insulation. The jawfish was packed differently. They were put into a section of 1.5"D x 4" tube with some screen on both end, and then were put into a plastic bag with water and air like normal. They owner said 50% of them would DOA if it's shipped with just the normal way.

Put them into the tank and they went into hiding immediately. It's been 2 days now. Still haven't seen them. I'm getting a little worry since I've heard that I need to spot feed them. Lucky I didn't get those $80-$100 variety ones. I would be even more worry. lol
4 days. One finally peek out once in awhile when I watch it via the webcam. Spraying sand out at times. If I walk by, he stay back inside. I can only watch him from the webcam.

Still don't see the other one though, unless they both share the same hole.
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Sometimes fish will share the same hole. I have 2 Firefish that take turns with their little hole.
There is this blue spotted jawfish at my lfs for 150. haha

I had one of those I got from reefhotspot.com for around $80. It jumped out during a water change and then I squished him when I returned with the bucket. He was a beautiful fish. Short lived though. :(
They are usually cost about $100 or so. You can find them for about $60-$80 if you look around.
If you get a blue spot jawfish,you better make sure there are NO holes what so ever in the top.Those things can jump through the neck of a coke bottle from 10ft (not really but you get what I'm saying).