Jaw fish need deep substrate?

Extra sand is in for a few days now. Everything seems to be normal. Any reliable online fish store has it in stock? I was going to get from DFS but they are out of stock. I'm not going to get the blue dot one. Too expensive. The Yellowhead should be good.
I had a pearly jawfish with my first tank, they are some of the cooles fish to watch. the will scoop up sand and carry it outta their den like a back hoe. Its really awsome to watch
I love Jawfish too. I HAD a Blue Spotted one last month. The little shit jumped out of the Red Sea Max when I stepped away doing a water change. When I came back I stepped on it. Not funny! :shock:
Did you atleast have some kinda shoes on David. i walk around in socks almost always at the house so that woulda been kinda gross:shock:
I didn't want to be the one that went there as I know people are pretty religious about those things, but since Biff mentioned it......

Well not regularly, however around the house I do since I've been stung two different times by scorpions because I stepped on them at night. Most of the time I just go socked footed.

By the way they hurt like hell too.
You have scorpion problems? I did also for a while. Once I was laying on the floor watching T.V. and one crawled into my shirt. Got stung 4 or 5 times. Anyway this is how I got rid of them. Diatomaceous earth, spread it around your base boards and leave it down for a few days. It cant harm you, your pet are safe from it also. As a matter of fact people use it on dogs and cats for fleas. Anyway you will start to see dried out scorpion bodies around the house. I was shocked I had called three different exterminators about the problem and they told me their was nothing they could do. Apparently the stuff scratches the exoskeleton and the scorpion bleeds out. I got the bag of Diatomaceous earth at the local nursery (plant store) cost I think $10. Havent had one since.