Is this strong enough?

For a system not over 18" deep to top of substrait, I would prefer the 1st one listed since you get a better deal and more versitility. (soft corals only though, maybe some hard coral twards upper level).
No I wont be buying any lights for at least a month. I also have John scoping out some for me from what we talked about in the chat last night.
The system suggested by minireefer is your best buy i saw. It will support a good variety of softies but is a little lacking for the hard corals. you will not be able to go all the way and stay under or at 200 dollars. the mh bulbs will cost about that or at least half of it just for 2 bulbs. the retrofit kit is 169 vho with only one ballast. so i would start with the one minireefer recommeded, but feel free to browse the link at hellolights. prices are very competative. hope this helps.