Is it worth while to add a sump to my tank


Seahorse Owner
I have a 10 Gal saltwater tank that has been setup for more then 2 years now and I was wondering if it was a good idea to add a sump to it now. If so how many gal should it be?
10 gallons is kinda small. No worries though! Its all good. You can add a sump. How big can you go? I would suggest you add a 20 gallon sump if you have room. Gradually build up the total volume of water. Maybe take double your normal water change, add that water to the sump, and let it run without actually changing any water. (I'm guessing you do a 20% water change.) Next time remove one gallon while adding back 3 and so on until you have the total volume you want. Then do 20% water changes or 5 gallons.

Why do you think you need a sump? What are your long term plans? With a sump you can run bigger skimmers, add more LR (which you will need to do) and get better flow. What are you hoping to get out of the addition?
I don't have enough space for a large surface area to be used up but know that larger volume of water is always better. Should I empty the tank (transferring everything to a separate tank temporally until I am done) and drill the tank for an overflow the overflow I am looking at is just a bulkhead with a grate on it. Ill put the water from my water changes into the sump but leave the overflow pipe closed until the sump is full enough to work properly. I know that a drilled tank is much nicer to look at and I have another seahorse tank that I am setting up that is pre drilled and its much nicer. I am not new to drilling glass and would be able to do it I just don't know it its a good idea to drill a tank after its been up so long. Would it be ok if I moved all rocks, water, sand (not much left but am posting another thread about this issue) and fish temporally into another tank till I get the current one drilled and then put everything back. Please help me as I am uncertain about further steps.
I'm becoming more and more in favor of no-sump. Especially on reef ponds, of course, but for all. Top-off is the only really needed thing, and can be fully automatic and hidden in the display.