Is it to soon to add a blonde naso tang


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Is it to soon to add a blonde naso tang and a school of 9-10 lyretail anthias(both just went on sale on live aquria) to a 300 gallon tank is 1.5 months levels are perfect. Currently I have 2 clowns 7 chromis.
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That's a lot of fish at once to put in a tank. I don't know if the size of the tank would make that okay or not, but that would put you close to 20 fish in less then two months. Someone with more experience then me would have to chime in here because I don't know. I wouldn't.
The chromys are about a half an inch each and I would say the clowns are a little bigger than that. I have a 20 gallon sick/quarantine tank up and running that they will be going threw for 14-21 days. So I guess I am really asking if in a tank my size will the change in bio load drasticaly effect fish health or the overal harmony of the tanks ecosystem or should I add fish more gradualy in groups of 3's
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Although you have a large enough tank, it isn't bio-load ready yet for that amount of fish. The reason why we stock slowly is to give the system enough time to readjust to the smaller, new livestock. Putting that many fish in at once will shock your system...especially it being so young. I'd just grab maybe 5 anthias' right now, and then a few more in a few weeks, and then the tang lastly.
I was saying the Tang because it is the bigger fish and more prone to illness...I wouldn't wan't a tang plus several anthias in a small QT tank
understandable... Would it be better if I add a blue throat trigger first being that it is more hardy and just wait to add the anthias and naso?
I would acutally add the trigger last. They are a more aggressive fish, and may take issue with any new additions added after them.

Have you planned out your stock list at all? If you give us a list of the fish you intend on keeping, we can help you determine the best order to stock them in. A 300 gallon tank is large, and it will take you quite a bit of time to stock it.
2 clowns allready in tank as well as 7 chromis
yet to add
1Chocolate tang 2-3 inches
1Indonesian powder blue 2-3
1Blonde naso tang 2-3 inches
1 male blue throat trigger
1 yellow tangs 2-3 inches
1Purple/yellow tail tang 2-3 inches
1Indian dasani tang 2-3 inches
1Red sea sohal tang 2-3 inches

9lyretail anthias
I would wait on the anthias. They have high metabolisms and need to be fed twice a day, whereas the other fish can be fed every other day. Not only will you add bioload with the anthias, but increased feeding will also add a lot more waste to your system. I would wait until your tank is much more established before stressing the system that much.

Of the tangs on your list, I would add the chocolate tang first and separately from the other tangs. It is a much smaller tang than the others and will need to get established before you add larger more aggressive species. Chocolate tangs are most often available as juveniles and imo arrive around 2 1/2 - 3"; but the other acanthurus on your list you can easily get as 5+ inch species. While some might recommend adding all of the acanthurus at the same time, you also need to take size and temperment into consideration. In your case, with the ones you are looking to add, I think I would personally add in the following order (I suspect others may disagree wiht me, so know this is only one opinion):

* Chocolate tang - let it settle in and get established for a few months before adding more
* Zebrasoma tangs (yellow, purple, desjardini - I assume this is what you mean by indian dasani?) - aim to get ones that are close to the size of the chocolate tang (2-3") - getting the smaller sized tangs won't stress your system quite as much, and won't beat up on the chocolate. Adding 3 at once will allow them to establish heirarchy among themselves while giving the established chocolate 3 fish to diversify any aggression rather than have it all targeted at a single fish
* Powder blue tang - expect to need to rearrange rocks and hang mirrors. You really want to get a healthy powder blue (I'd buy from divers den); they are very suseptible to ich under stress and ideally should be fully quarantined (e.g., treated prophyllatically). Aim to get one around 5 or so inches, it will be less prone to being picked on by the other tangs if it is a few inches larger then they are.
* Anthias
* Blonde Naso
* Sohal
* Trigger

The sohal tang will likely be the most aggressive fish in your system and should be the last tang added. I would aim for a 5+ inch species.

Good luck!
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