Is bubble algae ever purple?


Reefing newb
I have a couple of little "colonies" of purple (corraline color) bubbles on a piece of LR. The only thing I can think is it may be bubble algae...there was never any coral on or near this rock since I have had it (about 8 months now), so, I cant see what else it could be. Should I get rid of it? It is actually kind of pretty.
I will try to get a pic.
Coralline can grow in a bubble shape.But it'll still be hard.
Just be real carefull and see if you can one of the bubbles out(without popping it in the tank)Then see if its sofe and rubbery or hard.That should tell about it.
Coralline will grow on bubble algae.I would remove it without popping the bubbles,popping them will only spread the spores.You might have to remove the rock to do it.Depending on the size,rocking them back and forth with your fingers will break them free or use tweezers for the really small ones.
Yup. I just had a bout with purple bubble algae. I couldn't get rid og them with my fingers or tweezers without breaking them, so I gave in and got two emerald crabs (even though crabs give me the heebee-geebies when it comes to corals).

I shite you not, all of the purple bubbles were gone within 24 hours.