Introduce yourself with pics.

My name is Noah. I'm currently in the Air Force. I'm a convoy gunner/security driver

This is a picture of me taken in Iraq in 2011.

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I can't remember if I ever posted a picture of myself on this thread, but here's one after my job interview yesterday. Managed to make it through with flying colors, despite just getting over this sickness.

Hello everyone. My name is Jason I am from ny. I am a single father a full time student and work full time. I have been in the hobby for about 3-4 years now and am finally starting a reef tank. Posted some pics of me, the boy, my bike (gotta have some fun) and my 1st set up. It is a 75 gal. only fish in that one.


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LOL of course mcr would notice the bike first :D I see you never fixed the rotation problem on your pics. Cute kid, though! Big blue eyes!

Sorry guys don't have a picture will try to up load one soon. My name is vp247, i'm a newbie.I have been do this for about 18 months now. I learn thought a lot misinformation and money. Before i buy anything i make sure what it is. Thank looking to meet all of you.[EMAIL="[email protected]
I'm an old guy :) in Ok. I am completely new to the home aquarium hobby and am starting to research what to start with. I've been looking at a biocube or something like that hoping to start at a low cost entry to saltwater to see if I like it. I love the idea of a small reef tank or something like that. Please chime in with any advice or direction .. I have started reading many of your post and everyone seems real helpful and friendly.. Nice to meet you all.


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