Starving Green Spotted Dragonet


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HI, I just wanted to share a story with a beautiful ending.
We have had a female green spotted dragonet for about 8 months. The red coris wrasse that we got out of the tank about a month ago had killed a very healty male green spotted.
We went to the local LFS who happend at that time to have 5 male dragonets. 4 who looked reasonably healthy and 1 that was totally starving and we think wouldn't have lived much longer. We decided that the money was not the priority but giving this starving little boy a good home and a chance.
We bought him, I have since then been over feeding my tank and using a syringe to make sure he is eating, I am amazed that he now looks for the syringe, about the same time every night he is at the same rock waiting !! ( little girl is now joining in )
He has gained so much weight, is active (wasn't when we first got him) and for the first time last night he & she did the lovely mating dance at lights down.
I only hope that more people are willing to take the chance (although probably a risky one) and give a starving (not sick obviously) fish a chance,.
Hope to have him happy and healthy for a very long time to come.
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good for you. i have a green male and a spotted female. both were very thin and was concerned that they were too far gone. the male came back quick but the female took almost 3 months to really look good. they were bought at two seperate timesand i have about 300 lbs of rock and a refuge. lots of food for them. i think the little girl was right on the edge.
Many years ago we bought a Purple Tang up in Jersey that had HLE. Now this was back when they were scarce as hens teeth and $300-$400. I saw it and knew it was going home with me. I said to the guy how much for the Purple Tang? He says well, how's $100 sound, I said $40 sounds a lot better on a fish that is that far gone. So we agree on my price, they bag and box him up because we're 150 miles away from home and off we go. Fast forward a month in the 240 and his HLE is damn near gone and he's at about 99% healed. Sometimes you never know. Reef tanks have amazing powers to heal if they're a healthy ecosystem.
Lesley you could have bought one of the healthy ones but you didnt and you took a chance and gave the little guy a longer life so thumbs up to that :) and reefer rob nice story too and again took a chance that worked out good in the end:thumbsup: