In tank refugium


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My tank is sumpless and in a location where I can't use any hob stuff.

I'm just looking for a project and something to do to help my tank out a little.

When you construct an intank refugium, how do you do it? Just make an a box with holes in it and a lip to attach to the tank?

Would I be better off looking into an intank skimmer like a tunze or the hydor slimskim?
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That's exactly what I did...I used one of those fish holders/containers with the lip, that the lfs use, and drilled tons of holes in it and hung it inside the tank. I placed rock rubble and cheato in it and it works perfectly.
I don't anymore. I didn't have a seperate pump for it but I had it next to a large powerhead, figure it got some water movement there.

I removed it because it was an eyesore. If I didnt' have a HOB skimmer already or had more room in the back, I'd have used a HOB refugium and been done with it.

What I did for awhile with a different skimmer was I filled the overflow section with chaeto and stuck a small light on it. It worked amazingly well. With the Octo I traded up for, I could never get it to work well enough so I abandoned the idea.