I am new to living reefs.hi!


Reefing newb
I have never been a member of a forum before.So i am here to gain and give knowledge.I have a 47 gallon fowlr system with 75 watt lighting.I have 3 mexican turbos 3 blue hermit crabs and 3 turbos and 1 cleaner shrimp.I have no fish in my tank yet.I have to get a skimmer what is the best brand to buy.
Do you have a sump or are you going to hang the skimmer on the back of your tank? If you want a hang-on-back skimmer, Aqua C Remora Pro is the only way to go.
bifferwine have you heard of the tunzes skimmer i have been reading on other sites and they say the new tunze skimmer is leaps and bounds above the acua c remora i was wonder what you guys thought of it
If you go with the ramora go with ramora pro and use the mag pump over the rio. more dependable. welcome to the site