How to Choose Your Fish

Great Article. You should ask Biff and Ian to move it to the Articles area. You may wish to emphasize that even fish that are known to be peaceful can, on occasion, defy their profile. I had a Royal Gramma that went berzerk and attacked other fish.
Thanks Sen....mentioned it here:

"Not all individuals of a certain fish species will behave as the book says it will, but the observed behavior of the species as a whole is more likely to behave a certain way."
Wow, a fantastic read :D

edit : This has now been moved to the articles section after speaking to andysgirl8800 :)
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Wow this was a great read i have to print this for my buddy whom has a 380g custom wall tank and buys fish on a whim. I keep telling him to do research and ask questions on the fish he gets. This will just be one of thous reminders that some people need. Just because you have room for a fish friend does not mean it will be good for your tank.... He never really gets that unless i go with him. I enjoy asking about things and this is vary informative. This site is a wondrous repository of helpful knowledge.