How Often to Feed Corals?

I'm on the same schedule at Sarah. I feed my corals only when I feed my fish which is every 3 days. The only exception is my dendro, I feed that every day because I want it to GROW!
So in your statement I am gathering the more you feed them the healthier and bigger they get?

I would not say that. I have had alot of my corals at least 6 yrs and some up to 12 yrs now. I do not feed my corals and have never done so except for some target feedings for my sun polyps. Most corals get all they need from the lighting and water column. Most of my corals are 5-10 times bigger than when they started. IMO no target feeding is needed. Can you do it? If you want to then by all means feed them but it is not necessary.
when i try to spot feed my corals, the fish steal all the food really quick... so if i want a coral to actually get food i have to keep my hand in there for like 5 min batting fish away
Here ya go RI. If you can't get perspective. the astrea snail on the first pic is the size of a quarter. In the second picture, the chalice on the right is the size of my palm (without fingers)..


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You could feed them everyday if you'd want to. However, it could lead to water quality issues if you feed too much. Whenever I feed my fish I use a whole cube of frozen food, thaw it out, chop it up. Then I turn off my sump and just let the food circulate in my tank, my corals grab w/e floats by.

A whole cube of frozen food in a 29G seems like WAY too much.

I fed corals little or nothing for months but then I started feeding them about 5 times a week and they have experienced explosive growth. I turn off flow and make sure food drops right down on them. My whole tank loves sushi roe!
I will normally wait until about midnight to feed my coral. That way there is more food in the water column for them as the fish are hiding in the rock after lights out. If you have issues with the fish stealing the food you can cut a 2 Litre soda bottle in half. Using the top half slide it over your coral you plan to target feed and let loose. Fish can't get the food until you pull the bottle away.