How long a dip to kill Nudis?


Reef enthusiast
How long of an Iodine based dip do you need to kill nudis? Is there something better to dip with? I don't think I have nudis but I am just curious to know. I have been generally dipping for about
15 - 20 minutes? Is that for any pests? I would never have guessed that. I need to dip my trumpets as I am seeing little teeny tiny white snails or something crawling on them.
Yeah,15 to 20 minutes in Lugols is usually plenty.Matter of fact,all my new corals get the lugols bath.
+1 on a 15-20 min Iodine bath...
I prefer not doing freshwater dips on my corals because of their poor ability to osmoregulate, I fear that some polyps may get damaged (cell repture) duing the procedure. I do however dip all my new corals in an iodine bath like Tropic Marin Pro Coral Cure before introducing them into my tank. Understandably I get a bit paranoid about introducing things like flatworms into my display tanks. Besides preventing flatworms, I also believe that dipping a new coral in an iodine solution helps it recover from the stress of transport and reduces the chance of microbial/bacterial infection on the new coral.