Home run or strike out???? Long Read!!!


This is my reef club....
Since as many of you know I do not have a reef club anywhere with in 150 miles of me I went to my LFS(the only one that carries any saltwater fish(besides Pet"kill"Co) and corals.) because I am chomping at the bit to get some new stuff for the tank. I was looking over her stock and noticed she had the best selection of SW Fish that I had ever seen her have. I called her over and started talking to her about the fish and asking if she got a different supplier. She said that she had gotten fed up with most of her suppliers and dropped two of them (just picked one of them back up) and started going to one of her vendors locations once a month and hand picking the fish. She said that they treated her store like an outcast because it is a smaller store and really tore into them. They finally got things resolved and today she had about 10 different tangs, some anthis, wrasses ( a yellow cory wrass that I am going to read about and maybe buy this weekend) and many other fish. I am super excited about this because as many know I have to drive 150 miles to get good fish or try ordering online.
Anyway(didn't know I could write a book did ya). While looking at her corals she said that she always orders coral packs. And sometimes they throw in some SPS. All she has for lighting (even on her show tank) is PC. So I see a SPS that maybe has some hope( very little im affraid) and she and I talk about how much she hates to see them die if no one buys them right away. She has what would have been a beautiful pagoda and a monti that is about 5" and they both have some serious skeletal exposure. So I talk to her about my new tank and that I want to do mostly SPS and about my "great new setup". I tell her that since there is no reef club around here to swap with what if she would just call me whenever she got some SPS in and I would come out every couple of weeks and if she had any that wasn't selling that I could buy them very cheap and if I could keep them alive I would frag them and give her a frag and a second opportunity to sale the frag. That gives her twice the display time and gives me the opportunity to pick up some cheaper corals.

What do you guys think about this deal??? Is it a good option for me or will it be more trouble than it is worth??? I used to do quite a bit of business with them and now that they are getting good stock in I will be again.
Your :twocents: would be appreciated.
The end.
I think it's always a good idea to "get in" with your LFS. I've been taking frags to my LFS for years and I never take cash from him. He gives me store credit and sells me stuff at his cost. It's a good deal for us both.
You sort of have a few things going against you.
First and foremost, you are just setting up your tank. There will be all kinds of chemical reactiions going on for many months. SPS need stable water parameters. You may be able to keep some of the lower demanding SPS corals alive, but your water quality just won't be good enough or stable enough for them to really grow and be able to recover from any problems from being in the LFS under only pc lighting.
Which leads to the second problem. You will be taking on coral for the most part that will be stressed from being under poor lighting and probably not the best conditions for SPS, which includes high flow. You would have to light acclimate them to your MH lighting. Going directly from pc to MH will stress them even more.

I think it's good to try to work something out with them, but I wouldn't expect too much success until your tank stabalizes and you have a better idea on what it takes to keep all your parameters stable and at the proper levels.
Thanks Capt for the honest answer.
I was wondering about setting up a couple of frag tanks just for the SPS that she needs to get rid of. I have 2 small SW tanks that are up and running and have been for over a year. I wanted to set them up as frag tanks anyway. I can run MH or T-6HO over it. The water conditions are stable and the cost will be minimal. Would I be better off trying that with these low cost SPS until the new tank has time to stabalize?
Keep the advise comming.
Most people run frag tanks off their main tanks, but small individual tanks can work. What kind of filtration do you have on them now? Remember, you will have to keep these tanks with 0 nitrate, 0 phosphate and the proper ca, alk and mag levels. Do you know what the parameters on them are now?
Or a different question, which can be a good indicator of tank health. Do you have any algae in the tanks? If they were set up for a year, you should have a good covering of coralline.
Dang Capt,
Your making me feel like the ole dawg that is tied to a tree. Keep trying to catch the post man and never remembering the end of the rope is comming.
Keep up the good work and keep up the questioning as you respond. Yes I will slow down and be a little more patient. Just excited.

I think it's good to try to work something out with them, but I wouldn't expect too much success until your tank stabalizes and you have a better idea on what it takes to keep all your parameters stable and at the proper levels."

Talked to her again today. She said whenever I was ready and thought my tank was ready we could give it a try.
I've also got the same deal with my LFS.Plus I stop in and help them out when I got some spare time.Thats actually how I pay for my hobby.No cash swapping hands,just store credit.
Thats how I'm buying my new 125.And how I got my fish and corals.Pays for my salt,test kits,and other goodys.
But I'll agree with Capt too.Dont jump into SPS untill your tanks settled in some.
Your on to something there. She has asked me to work for her twice now. hhhmmmmm. Could be a second job comming my way.
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that is something you should take her up on, youll always have first pick at incoming fish and youll get good deals since you will work for her. im thinking about getting a job on the weekends at my LFS since they need the help