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Reefing newb
My name is Chris and I am the admin of Living Reefs. I currently do not have any tanks running, they are in storage. I am living on my boat for the summer but come this winter I will get a house and drag them out again!

Please everyone post their own introduction if you get a chance.

My name is Chris and I am NOT the admin of Living Reefs.
But my name is Chris....:D
I have a 75 gallon reef tank and 40 gallon propogation tank. I also have a 55 gallon freshwater planted tank and a 125 gallon African Cichlid tank.
hi my name i kimoy and i have a 55 gal reef. i'm new to salt but have a 29 gal fresh for aover 6 years now.
Gomez! Awesome! How have you been? I did not know you where into fish tanks! Welcome to my forum, you need to look at joining the local Chattanooga Reefers Club also.
No... the other Chris... the keyboard player... I used to be your karaoke host.
And I am already a member. Joined a couple of weeks ago.
Reinfinity said:
No... the other Chris... the keyboard player... I used to be your karaoke host.
And I am already a member. Joined a couple of weeks ago.

Oh, even better! Now we can do karaoke at the reef club meetings! The RevReefer will have to approve our play list to make sure we stay with in reefing rules, every song has to be about the ocean, coral reefs, etc..
I am picturing this conversation going something like this.

"Hi my name is Kevin and I am addicted to fish keeping"
Hi Kevin
"I have been keeping fish for a few years now and am currently moving from a 20G reef to a 60G reef."
Just say no! No more Reefs! Oh OK maybe just a couple more.
"Chicago is home"
Oh I love the windy city, is it really wind
"I need to go and take care of the fish now"
Don't get blown away now
"I said it was not windy"
Hi my name is Tony. I am also a reefaholic. I have been a member a few months. I have multiple tanks going. Both fresh and saltwater. Cant wait for the room to buy more (and the money).
Hi my name is John. I have a 150 reef. I host the live chat (most of the time) and the Helpful Articles. (hopefully water this year in system) welcome to all.
Hi, I'm Sarah. I had a 55 gallon salt water tank about four years ago, put it away for a while when I moved, then brought it out again about seven months ago. It's currently fish only with live rock, snails, and crabs, but I'm excited for the time to come when I can upgrade my lights and add some corals and other inverts.
Hey my name is Scott and I'm a newb to reefing. It's been 6 months and I'm hooked. Nice to find people that like reefing. Not too many up here in NWI. Save the reef buy aquacultured.
Here is what I have. I have assorted zoo's (some plain,some multi-colored), 2 frogspawn, hammer, goniopora, platygyra, pom poms, assorted shrooms, colt, elongata xenia, fox coral, sponges (orange,red), 2 glove polyp colonies, sarcophyton, candy cane, 2 montioporas, 2 corals that came on the rock (unidentified), crabs, snails, 2 peppermint shrimp and a yellow tang. Right now propogating what I have into another 55 gal. I run a satelite pc (120 watt) on one tank and jbj aqualight pc (240 watt) on the other. Not sure how much live rock. I have agrocrete and some live rock in 2nd tank. All my corals are aquacultured except for the goni and sponges.
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