HLLE disease !


Reefing newb
Just read a new article with regard to Head lateral line. They now believe that using some cheaper carbons (manufactured from waste brown coal ) may be contributing to the problem. Does anyone know anything about this new research ? They are not suggesting all carbon but just some of the cheaper carbons on the market
I stated this a year ago on here and was told I was wrong, do my research. Look around, it's here some where.
OH. Well i just read a very scientific study and they def. say it contributes to it. Not all carbons, and it is safe to run carbon but the cheaper brown carbons.
Everyone is in tilted to their own opinion I suppose, no right or wrong just different. Thats what makes the reefing world an interesting place. But I wont be running any cheaper carbons in my reactor and that my choice I suppose.
Do you have a link to that study? I'd like to read it. HLLE is a Vitamin C deficiency plain and simple. Herbivores MUST have plants in their diet or they will get it. Back in the late 80's I got a purple tang for $40 because it had it REALLY bad. Within a month of being in the 240 he was 90% healed.