Hippocampus Zosterae


FAMILY - Syngnathidae

SCIENTIFIC NAME - Hippocampus Zosterae

COMMON NAME - Dwarf, Pixi Seahorse

SIZE - 1.5" (3 cm)

RANGE - Southern Atlantic Coast of the US and in the Gulf of Mexico.

MIN. AQUARIUM SIZE - 5 US Gal. ( 18 L)



FOODS AND FEEDING - These fish only eat live food, they cannot be trained to eat frozen. They need to be fed live enriched brine shrimp twice a day.


REEF COMPATIBILITY - No. Anything that can sting them will potentially kill them.

CAPTIVE CARE - Best kept in a quiet species tank without excessive water flow. They are slow eaters and require an abundance of live food at least 2 times a day. A protein skimmer is recommended on the system and frequent water changes as well to keep the water quality high. Stationary perches around the tank positioned so that they can wrap their tails around as a hold fast are a must. These fish can be bought captive breed, and are much hardier than their wild born cousins. These fish also do much better in small herds. These fish are easily killed by any stinging anemonies or corals and often fall prey to other fish and invertebrates. They are best kept in a small system that contains only plastic plants and was cycled dry. Many hitchhikers on live rock, such as aiptasia and hydroids can wipe out entire colonies.

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