Hello from California, I am a beginner starting out with invertebrates and saltwater for that matter

Hi, I am a beginner aquarist who decided to start a barnacle tank - and I know such a thing exists. I would always read the fishkeeping magazines about just having corals and live rock and other reef environments, so I want to try that.

I am currently keeping my creatures in a fishbowl and daily changing and preparing the water. I am unsure what to feed a barnacle, but I gave Bill (that is their name) some Kent Marine Microvert food. I'm thinking of crushing up some fish pellets real finely and sprinkling it so they can catch some bigger food. they aren't waving their cirri around, but the cirri are out.

I have kept freshwater fish before, and bettas.
Wecome from Cali. Would love to see a barnacle tank; I like coral-only tanks, so that is similar. Will need lots of food particles in the water.
These ones don't seem to wave their arms around (cirri) and they don't respond gto touch, they may be dead, but they have a healthy color and may have molted, (or died)...

I also now have a blue damsel female, but she is just hiding most of the time.

They are all in a 15 gallon tank now.