High tds on rodi


Reefing newb
Ok quick question for yall. My tds is coming in at 200 and post tfc is 40 and post di is 0 and im shelling thru di resin fast. Question is can i back flush to help membrane or do i need to just replace? Had it over a yr now and never back flushed it. Just dont know how. Do i put post carbon line into exit of good water of membrane or waste water membrane? Any help would be grateful. Even if i had to change tfc can yall help me on backflushing i have corallife 2 ro with add on di
to back flush your ro filter remove the wast water line from the ro filter and remove the restricter and then hook it back up turn the water on and let it run for about 2 minutes then put the restricter back in and then you should be good
You could also set up a bypass with Y-couplings and a ball valve.
Set it up so it would bypass the flow restrictor.
Close the ball valve to allow normal operation, and open it to allow the water to bypass the flow restrictor. This would allow you to flush the surface of the membrane without having to disconnect any tubes.