Reefing newb
My name is Wes. I have been in the saltwater hobby for 5 years now. Mostly just fish and live rock. I did try doing a reef at first but failed miserably. I definitely realized that more research and studying would have to be done to run a reef. Right now I am running a 100 gal with canister filter, protein skimmer, uv sterilizer, 100 lbs. of live rock. I have two yellow tangs, one scopas tang, pacific blue tang, maroon clown fish, one snail, one emarld crab, and a starfish. I am really lacking a maintenance crew. I am working on that.
Awesome! Welcome aboard and feel free to ask questions, we have alot of knowledgeable people on board, and don't feel bad... WE ALL failed miserably the first time, one way or another.