Hi, I'm new

The fire fish is doing great, as is the Pom Pom. Corals look happy, too. Thinking that one of the Randall's Gobies might be my next purchase. In a week or two. Looking at corals, too, though.

I hate to admit it but I might have to be one of those people who have to sneak in purchases. Unfortunately, it might not be so easy to pull the wool over hubby's eyes.

ReeferRob, thanks for the welcome!
Welcome!! I was scared off of small tanks, but when your working within set limits, I woulda set up a nano aready also.. Technical question.. are you only allowed a total of 14 gallons in ONE TANK, or 14 gallons in the apartment.. lol
I am not sure. But I think it might be one tank. I could get a larger one if I got the insurance. I did try to talk hubby into the larger one but since I couldn't I took what I could get. So far it is going well. My corals are spreading and the fish and CUC are doing well.

Sooner or layer hubby will want to get more fish than will be able to be held in the small tank and then we will upgrade.
Hubby was on our insurance website today and looked at it. We will probably have to get it soon. Most of the apartment complexes around here require it.