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Reefing newb
Hi everybody! I'm new not only to this forum but to reef keeping. I sadly had to start with a 14 gallon bio cube (14 gallons was the limit for my apartment complex). I have an all snail clean up crew and a zoa. I will be stocking with more corals and a couple fish in the next few months.
Thanks, Washburn! Taking it real slow right now. Maybe next week I will be getting an easy fish to add in. Any recommendations for an easy, peaceful fish for the first one in a nano reef?
hello karen and welcome .Ive only got a 10 gal but its still saltwater on a smaller scale and like the two guys above said still have fun with em:thumbsup:
I have been wanting the Banggai Cardinals for about ten years. My husband is not so keen on that idea, though. Not colorful enough for him. My tank, though, so I may or may not listen to his opinion, lol!
True enough, Aquarian! We'll see. I am thinking that fish will be necessarily limited in number so I need to make room for what I want. I might let him have a say in something else, though. ;)
They will be limited ive been advised to stick to my 2 fish in my 10 gal bangaii cardinal and yellow watchman goby great fish that
I have a yellow clown goby and he's pretty active, moving between spots to perch. I hear they are like clowns and change sexes, thus you can buy 2 small ones. I was never brave enough (and I have other fish on my list) to try. I'd you want a lot of action, get some cleaner or peppermint shrimp.
Can I keep just one cardinal fish or do I need to have at least two? I can't remember what I read about them in TFH a few years back. I need to again do my research on them before I buy.

Wadder, thanks for the welcome!

kbuser, I will check out the yellow clown goby but I am not really into shrimp. Hubby agrees with this.
I only have a couple pictures. Let me see if I can upload them.