He's Here, My Starry Blenny is Here!


Reefing newb
So I got my Starry Blenny yesterday and he has already pissed off my maroon clown fish. He went right into that tank like he owned the place and he took over the rock that my maroon clown was hosting. My maroon clown is so distraught and does not know what to do. The upside to this is that my maroon clown fish is out and about swimming all over again and I love watching him. It has been interesting watching the two interact. They both watch each other constantly and follow each others every move. We'll see how they do together over the next few weeks! I am so happy!!!

Starry Blenny Pictures!

Here is the new guy! He is sooooo pretty!



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He's cool.
I've got a Starry in my tank.He will go inside my powerheads when I turn them off for tank maintance.So make sure he's not inside yours when you unplug them.