HELP!! Messed up RBT Anemone


Reefing newb
Ok guys i need some serious help here. I have a buddy of mine that has a RBTA that seems to have done something I've never heard of before. This anemone literally separated from it's foot. The mouth and tentacles are one piece, and the foot is still attached to the rock, with a little bit of stringy material where the mouth would be if the two piece's were still together . Now i have very little experience with anemone's. I do know they split and all that, but really , completely separate from the foot? If anybody out there has an answer for him or me would be greatly appreciated.
If its completely detached from its foot then it's dead/dying. For anemones it's a fatal injury.
I have read and seen pictures of anemones splitting this way although it isn't to often. If the foot is still attached to the rock it is not dead and could actually grow out. The part that has the mouth and tentacles could also still live and may/or may not ever grow another foot. In fact there is a guy that kept one like this in a low flow tank and it stayed on the bottom of the tank until it bubbled which caused it to float up like a bobber. I wouldn't blame anyone that got rid of anemone that did this but just wanted to let you know that one or both could survive.