Help me set up my sump


Reefing newb
I'd like to know the best and most efficient way of setting up a new sump. I have a 30 gallon under there now but I want to use my old 40 gallon and replace the old with the bigger one. I have a dual durso setup so I have two overflow drains coming down from the display tank. I'm using a ASM G2 for the skimmer and have a Mag Drive 2400 for the return pump. All for a 180 gallon tank.

I've looked at a ton of different ways to set up the flow of the sump but would rather see someone say they actually have success with a certain setup.
Here is the sump design I used that was easy to build and works great for me.

I forgot to label, the red is egg crate to support the rock to allow more flow through all of the rock.