Help me please


Reefing newb
i heard that seahorses can not be in the same tank as other fish because they can not get to the food fast enough, is this true because i really want a seahorse?
Seahorse do not fair well with other reef fish for several reasons. They are a docile species so tank mates should be other seahorses, or pipefish. They also require much cooler temperature tanks, which reef fish do not.
I would not recommend starting with seahorses, they are extremely challenging to keep and are not a good beginner fish in any way. I would go with a normal reef setup and then once you have the hang of keeping a tank, you can set up another tank for them.
+1 everyone...they've got you covered. I've been in this hobby for 3 1/2 years and I'm very confident in what I've learned to maintain a nice stable tank, however, certain livestock I avoid because I know I'm not yet ready for them, as much as I'd love love love to have a mandarin and a seahorse tank. I don't want them to just survive. They require extra attention for them to thrive.
seahorses are not something to just jump into anyway.. I have had a few tanks over the years and always let my tanks run for close to a year before adding any seahorses to it. They really need a well established tank, and require alot of attention and careful planning of mates for a long survival..
ive had fish for a long time and many different fish tanks. im not starting out with seahorses ive just always wanted some but thank you guys very much