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Hello to all,
I am currently in process of starting my 1st 125 gallon reef tank. I have had freshwater for almost 20 yrs and decided to try my hand at saltwater tanks. I bought the tank which came with live rock, sand, and some snails. I have it all stored in buckets with the original tank water but will move it all into a larger tote with a powerhead until I get tank setup. Any and all tips, tricks, and ideas are greatly appreciated. The tank is a Oceanic 125 Gallon not sure what brand the filter is but it does have a built in protein skimmer and I have a lot of the replacement filters. There is also some kind of testing equipment that I also got with it I am going to research those to see what they are for. Again thank for having me here and look forward to all the advise and ideas.

Welcome to the site!

What part of TN?

<----just North of Nashville
Welcome brad, I'm outside of Memphis and I think you will like this forum. Lots of good advice