Guess who's Back! Back Again... This time for Real though!


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Hey everyone, a long time ago in a galaxy far far away... I used to sit on this forum all night long and most of the day...
Well I just moved into a nice house in the suburbs by myself, picked up a 150 drilled AGA and stand for a good price along the way of getting the house... Got a place that allowed for the heavy fish tank, allowed my wiener dog, and was nice! I plan to spend more time on the site again starting right about........ NOW! I'm full time student, live in the suburbs and grew up and out of partying and all that scene again... Back to the amazing marine hobby! I love the tank so far! It's my 50g reef/fish tank with my blue tang, yellow, lawnmower, bicolor blenny, etc... all the old friends came along, except 2 lost their lives... I think due to live rock moving due to the extremely hurried move... an unexpected 100 mile move in a night... with no truck!
So as of right now I've got the tank set up, with a temporary sump, and lights until I can get some more money saved up to get some new stuff for it, after getting all the rest of the LR I need... Here are some pics I snapped quick last night while bored... I am using my Canon Rebel XTI SLR for the pics, but a lot are sloppy and just plain rough... some look decent though I guess. Here they are! Why not include pics in the opening post, eh?


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seeing which one works,,, a bunch more shots to come very soon here...








And keep in mind, this is just my 50 gallon transferred into my new 150, plus 25 lbs of dry base rock... So I've got some work ahead of me, it was almost an emergency transfer out of the 50.. things were just going downhill... I think neglect because of the 100 mile gap, and the size of everything getting crammed in... But everything seems to be doing much better in its new tank after only 2 days!
Welcome back dude! Glad you showed up again. New tank looks awesome. Definitely need some more rock. Stick around a while eh? Oh btw look at our contest forum.
Thanks everyone! I missed this place, everyone is so nice, usually anyway... I missed the hobby so much, now it's so nice to be able to sit on my newly purchased leather sectional sofa and just stare at the new big tank... God it's pretty and it's only got a 50 gallon tanks worth in it!!! Today I bought a long nose butterfly fish... what do you guys think? It's smallish and cute, and hopefully will eap aiptasia with out eating my zoas and stuff...? Do you do think it's a bad idea for my tank?
I know its for sure at least a "use caution" for reef safe... but I know i've heard of a lot of people using them to control aiptasia other than peppermints, which just disappear instantly once in my tank, probably to be eaten 3 seconds later by something...

The fish isn't in yet, still acclimating, so i could not add it... but I dont think they have a return policy at all...
I like the fish, if it eats my endless supply of aiptasia and not my corals and inverts, i'll be happy!
I hope it works out for you. I have thought of getting one of those to help control my aiptasia too. My peppermints don't do anything but stand around swaying to the music (I guess in their little minds :lol:) Good luck with the Butterfly fish.
I've had friends in the past want to get one, then for some reason or another they didn't... I think because they were picky eaters and stuff possibly? But the lady said this one had been eating like crazy compared to the other fish in the tank... So I thought i'd give him a shot at a new life...









Wait A second... I was just on Liveaquaria and might have realized something... Do the long nose butterfly's eat aiptasia? Or is it JUST the copperband butterfly?! It's a pretty fish and all, and i'd still keep it just cause it's cool, but I wouldn't have risked the reef safe part if the idiot at the pet store would have corrected me. Wait, the normal pet store is closed on wednesdays here... So I stopped at PetCo... Please tell me this fish will eat my aiptasia possibly at least...?
I believe all Butterfly fish have the potential to eat aiptasia and corals. I believe it varies from fish to fish though. Hopefully you will have luck.
Anyone have experience with this topic? The butterfly fish is swimming all around the tank nicely, he looks good and seems to always be around the tangs... I hope he eats aiptasia!
IME it might not been a good idea. I`ve had several friends that we had to tear the tank down because the long nose and copper band was nipping at corals. Butterfly fish dont have great track records in a reef. Hopefully yours will be an exception.
Alright... Damn. Great start to a first new fish... not! Oh well, all my fish get along and are great all the time! I never have problems and I'm always lucky with that stuff, and it will eat aiptasia for sure in the coming days! lol. I hope.
Mikes right about the longnose.With them it seem to be more like a 75/25 chance that they'll take a liking to coral flesh.Might not stop eatting anemones either,once your aiptasia are gone.Had a customer from the store bought a long nose,took it home,put it in the tank.Then an hour later he tore his tank apart to bring the long nose back.It picked his BTA apart.