green bubble tip anemone


Reefing newb
my tank is only 6 weeks old, i was told i could put the bubble tip in. i've read through all the posts on here. my question many days could he stay deflated and still have a chance to live. he has been deflated 3 days and today his mouth is open. i dont want to wait for him to start falling apart in there if hes definately going to die :(
sorry but a 6 week old tank really is not mature enough for a anemone if you have a friend that can hold on to him it might be for the better but three days i dont think is all that bad make sure you have the lights for him and your water pars are good and you just might pull it of
Thank you for responding! I'm so worried already, but now I know to research myself instead of just believing someone. I am already attached to the little guy
Bring him back to the store you got him from. A gaping mouth is a bad sign and six weeks is nowhere near long enough to be setup for a nem.
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As it seems you have already come to the conclusion to research before introducing something to your tank which is great. Most everyone here has made an impulse buy or took the word of their LFS only to find out that the purchase was totally wrong for them. Learn from that experience and apply it down the road and you avoid a lot of heartache in the end.

Anemones are difficult creatures to keep successfully. As others have said a mature tank is necessary and a year of establishment is the general rule. This time not only gives your tank time to settle in parameters but gives you as the keeper time to gain experience on maintaining your tank properly. Proper lighting is also a must to successfully keep anemones.

You gave no specifics of your water parameters or lighting which would be helpful in trying to assist you. I can say if the anemones mouth is gaping open that is definitely not a good sign and one of the hardest things, in my opinion, for the anemone to recover from since it is severely stressed. Since it is stressed I am not surprised it is staying deflated and they also tend to hide as well. You could try to take it back as has been suggested and maybe the LFS will take it back. If not just leave it be as long as it is staying attached and let it try and recover. Good luck!