Green Bubble Tip Anemone won't turn green!!!

I was sold a bill of goods about white anemones about 2 years ago. I had one that was almost 8" across and under good lighting is now the size of a nickel. He is strong and filming back slowly now. Has fully restored the zoox and is slowly growing.

I would recommend feedings and look at higher lighting.
Hmmmm, I'm still thinking BTA. Either way it is bleached. There are no healthy white clown hosting anemones. Sabaes do not ship well and usually expel all their zooaxenthella which is why when you see them at your LFS they are usually white. Definitely don't manually move it. It will climb higher if it needs more light. As I said in a previous post it wouldn't be able to tolerate too much intensity in its current state. Keep feeding it small portions 2-3 times a week as long as it accepts it. I really hope the little nem pulls through for you.