Bubble tip anemone dies?


Reefing newb
I realized my bubble tip anemone that is hosted by one of my clown fishes have changed it appearance
and it looking worse and worse everyday. Is it dying slowly?
I have not do anything to my LED since last year. So this is not the problem. Also anemone stays under the rock all the time so not much light there.
I check my water last week and it was:
KH 143.2
ph 8.31
phosphate 0.25
Calcium 400
Nitrite 0
Nitrate 0
Your water parameters look good, maybe is the flow. Have you done some change to the water flow in your tank? Maybe changing the position of the powerheads or something.

This is just a thought. Do you think that's probably your nitrates aren't really at zero? I can see in the pictures that you have some hair algae on your rocks, maybe your nitrates are high, but because you have an algae bloom the algae is using the nitrates and that could be the reason your test reads zero. I'm not an expert, but I have read about that in other threads. Hope you can find was bothering your nem. :)
Wow, that's strange behavior for a nem that's been in a tank that long

Have you changed anything? Water changes less often or more? New fish, new coral, new equipment etc...
Your water was tested last week? Have you checked it since the nem has been upset? I see in your pics some algae are you sure your nitrates are 0 they may be getting used up by the algae. I would do another water test.
I post the problem with algae in another post. Already bought clean up crew and phosban reactor. Started using it last week. Also it looks like the nem is moving somewhere else. And it started to act strange about 3 weeks ago. Nothing new in the tank. I do 20% water change every week. When my daughter was born 1 month ago I missed one water change. This is when I started to have problems with the algae. Are there any steps I can take to cure my baby?
My bubble tip anemone died :cry: . Now I have to find something for my clown fish to host. I can see she is already missing bubble tip.
Anemones are more sensitive to water quality issues. Anemones inflate themselves with water, so when they pull that water into them they're basically filling themselves with nasty water.
What pH is the best for anemones? My pH never goes below 8.3 but lately it jumped to 8.7 because I added to strong mixture of kalkwasser. Already have that fixed. But this wasn't the cause of bubble tip to die since it starts to look weird before I even started using kalkwasser.
7.8-8.3 is really optimal for all corals/anemones. Your nem may have looked wierd before but your pH swing may have been the final thing that pushed it over the edge.