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Hi! I just upgraded my tank from a 30 gallon to a 75 gallon and I am SO ready to add corals to it. Right now I only have mushrooms that are doing extremely well (but let's be's pretty easy for those to do well). I have some T5 lighting that I am using (eventually I want LEDs though), and I do have more liverock I'd like to add. That being said, I really want to start to add corals to my tank. I am wondering which ones I should start with and also, I want to know what other fish you people recommend for me to add. Right now I have two clowns (pair, and they love each other and their anemone), a six-line wrasse, and 2 green chromis.

About my anemone...I have some questions about that guy too. I have had it for over a year now, it seems happy, but it hasn't grown, I feed it all the time (once a week, sometimes more sometimes less) trying to get it to grow bigger...I bought it thinking it was a green bubble tip anemone...but it's white. It's always been white. And it hasn't grown at all! It does occasionally get a little "bubble tipped" look to it, but it is small... Any ideas of what the heck it is or what I should do??

Here is a pictures of my tank, and of my anemone... Suggestions please!!!!!!!


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What do you have for flow? Skimmer? And what do you like. I'd start with something easy like zoas. Pick ones you like with plenty of color.

No idea about your nem, though it is lacking color most definitely. What are you feeding it?
I would add a yellow tang (algae control) and a couple of different wrasse (pest control) I have a six line and a fairy wrasse. I have 9 fish in my 72g which is really heavy, but that is what my tank needs to keep nitrates and phoshates up.
The nem is bleached by something. Not enough light/ to much light or high doc's. There is no need to feed nems, they grow just fine when they host clowns. Like fastrd400 stated, a little more info on the lights/flow and skimmer background will help us.
Looks kind of like a haitian reef anemone and zoas are a really good choice. Easy to care for and add a lot of color to the tank.
I think it is a bleached BTA.(not sure if green or pink ) Keep feeding it every couple of days (more than once a week). They can regain color with the right water conditions and feeding. Unfortunately they often don't recover from bleaching either. The fact he has lasted a year is good.
Here is two photos of the same BTA. Got them bleached and with a little TLC and good water conditions they colored and got healthy within 3 months. Hope this helps.


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We do need a little more to go on with your system and SLOW down or you're setting yourself up for a huge heartache.

I've had good luck feeding bleached anemones mussel. I have a theory that they get some zooxanthellae back from what the mussels filtred out of the water. But the bottom line is that they need an outside food source if they can make their own food via the algaes harboured in their tissues.