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I had some glass canopys custom cut at Lowes for my tank. The problem that I have is that the edges are extremely sharp. (I barely got my damn pinky knuckle to stop bleeding last night and I barely touched the glass.) I was wondering what I could put around the edges to coat the sharp edges. I had thought of a caulk or something, but I am a bit wary of the chemicals in the caulk possibly getting into the water and reaking havoc on my quality. Any suggestions?:question:
Have you though about sanding the rough edges down to smooth them out a bit?

Make sure you wear gloves when you do that and I would think a fine sanding block and round the edges so they cant cut?

Never done anything like this, but I that is what I would try.
Use silicone. 100% silicone, with no anti-microbial additives.

Or just go without a lid. They don't do a lot of good in saltwater. They cut down on gas exchange, heat up the tank, and block light.
I use them to keep the noise level of the water currents down and reduce water evaporation. Is this type of silicone something that can be found at Lowes?
Yeah, I have used the loctite brand in a sump. It had a picture of an aquarium on it and said safe for aquarium use. If the tube says 100% silicone, you should be good. Just make sure it doesnt have any mildewcides in it. Basically, if it says Kitchen and Bathroom use, dont use it. They tend to put the mildew inhibitors in those. Using those, can have the potential to kill off all the good bacteria in your tank.
I just had some glass baffles cut for a sump. They told me to use a sanding block with 220 grit sandpaper, and that it would knock off the sharp edges.

Worked for me. Just wear gloves and be careful.