Preventing canopy and stand mold.


Reefing newb
Do people still use canopys? Also what's the best way to prevent mold from growing on the inside of the canopy and stand? I've read some info on primers like kilz. I've also read mixed reviews on it that it doesn't prevent 100% mold and with some stuff it can potentially drip back into the sump and tank and has some nasty chemicals in it. Was thinking of maybe cutting some holes in the side of both and putting like a matching black plastic grate in it to allow some air to escape. My stand is not open back and at the moment it's bare on the inside, no primer or anything. The canopy however is painted like a sky blue. I would like to use a canopy but it's not a must, to me it just looks better. Anyone out there who has experienced these issues and beat them. Please let me know, any input is appreciated. ☺
Kilz works to make mold on stuff paintable. The best thing you can do is add a computer fan or 2 to help air exchange.

If it can't breath it will mold. I found out the hard way. Made a new one with a fan on one side and an exit plate on the other end.

Good luck.