Getting a New Tank!! Hopefully a 55 Gallon


Reefing newb
Hello Everyone!!!

Going to purchase me a 55 gallon tank. This 10 gallon has gotten me addicted!!!

This time starting out. NO, fish at all. Til my tank is done cycling.

I do have few questions:

Would using some water from someone who has had their tank for a long time help with the cycling process??

Stacey <3
water itself doesnt hold much in the way of bacteria but if you got some sand and or liverock from that tank it would help jumpstart the cycle..
If I were you I would hold off on setting this tank up until you have your 10 gallon under control. Cycling 2 tanks at the same time can be overwhelming. I'd did 3 Freshwater takes at the same time and it was an experience I'll do never again.

i will get some live rock an sand to help the cycle.

getting it today!!!!
Found a cheep one for 250 with oak stand an everything with it just gotta clean it cause it was a fresh water tank.

How would u go about clean a freshwater to switch to a salt??
Replace the TV!

I would, but the wife would kill me.

Lol...That is funny!! My husband would kill me!!

I got my tank!! So excited to get it started!!!

I found a wonderful place without moving the TV!!

so when people walk in my house that is the first thing they see!!