GARF grunge


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I'm seriously considering ordering this Garf grunge- just thought I'd check and see if anyone has anything to say about it...
It has quite a bit of different things in it, not a bad concept idea. If you would like to try it I would make sure the tank it goes into is fully cycled so it doesnt kill anything living in the grunge.
Biff- did it add any colors as it claims or is it more beneficial biologically? Chaos-The tanks been up for close to a year, but the only colors I'm getting are pink n maroon- just thought I'd try for some others
GARF grunge is great but it is expensive at $5 per pound. It is every thing you could want for innoculating a new sand bed or adding good critter life to an existing sand bed. It is however mostly coarse particles of live rock small rubble. Lots of stuff 1/4 inch to 1/2 inch in diameter along with mixed ffines. There are lots of coaraline covered pieces in every imagineable color. Brittle star, worms, pods, snails, crabs, little corals and such. You can specifically ask for fines alone, with critters, by calling them or having them call you. Freight costs are freight costs, they vary by carrier, method and location of destination. They give away free grunge with coral purchases. The only shipping they do to Alaska is airport to airport, which is cheap , but for a minimum of 100 pounds (carrier rules not GARF's).
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I have about 15 pounds of it in my tank. It is great stuff. you will more than likely get a few extra hermits out of the deal too and maybe a couple snails. mine had a few inverts crawling around in it when i ordered it.

I actually placed an order with GARF today (different stuff tho)
I ordered my cleaner grew from GARF and got a free bag of the grunge when my order arrived. I'd order it again in a heart beat.