Frags for sale


they call me fish geek ;p
Okay everyone. I have a small collection of frags for sale. It's a limited supply so it's first come first serve. I will be shipping via usps overnight so if your interested pm me your info and I will let you know how much shipping is. I have three varieties available for now.

I have...

6 frags of the light pink zoas
9 frags of the dark pink and purple zoas
7 frags of the green and tan zoas

If need be I can frag more of the lighter pinks and also I can frag more of the green.

Asking $20 per frag, frags will have at least 5 polyps or more.



The flat rate ended up being more than by weight and zip code. It was 39.95 for overnight flat rate vs shipping by weight to LA (which is pretty far from new York) is 36 and change.
Once I am set up I would be glad to purchase frags. those are exactly what I was looking for to set up in the tank. How long do those take to grow?
They sure where pretty....let me know when you might do this again...I can't find any real bright colored zoahs local..
hey ted u going to the frag swap next sun? on the 29th? im sure ull find alot of nice zoas there. i gotta work that day :P
I work most Sundays. the 29th....maybe I could umm get sick....Have been feeling a little scratch in my throat....