White Fang-Tooth Blenny


My LFS has a White fang-tooth blenny (Meiacanthus smithi, a.k.a. Smith's Blenny, Disco Blenny, White Fang Blenny, etc...).

Can anyone give me more info? From what I can find, it's a peaceful fish that gets upwards of 3" and will get along with others but hold its own if it needs.

I have a YCG and peppermint shrimp right now, along with zoas, LPS and SPS. I believe they are shrimp safe? I plan on a scarlet skunk (when I feel like it) and some combination of a Royal Gramma, Pink streaked Wrasse, Green Mandarin and clown pair. Not all, of course, but 2-3 of them.
I know it is, but is it a safe fish?

I'm going with yes based on my research. So I will go get him in 2 weeks when I get paid again.