Found some sort of anenome thing on coast of oregon


Reefing newb
I was walking on the beach in Oregon, and on this one rock, there were a bunch of these things on it. Anyone of any ideas?


You do not want those in your reef tank... unless your tank is inside your freezer.

That water is freezing. We went to the Oregon coast last summer for a vacation. I had never been there before (we go to Oregon every 6 weeks or so to visit my boyfriend's kids, who live in the Portland area, but this was the first time we went to the beach). My boyfriend told me we were going to the beach. So I packed my bathing suit, sunblock, etc. and I was all excited. He made fun of me, "I don't think you understand what the beach is like there..." I was like, "WHATEVER!!" We get there and it's like 45 degrees, windy as all hell, the water is completely frigid... I was like, "THIS IS NOT A BEACH! YOU CAN'T CALL THIS A BEACH!" I felt so deceived. :lol:
HELLS NO!! I touched it with my toe. There was no way I was going in that water. It was the middle of summer and the only people in the water were wearing wet suits. Corey's kids were in their bathing suits and were playing, but they didn't "swim". I don't know how they could even stand it in their bathing suits -- I was bundled up. He said they were used to it; that's the only beach they know.
Yeah. That same trip (in August), we were in downtown Portland, and that particular day made the news because it was the hottest day of the year so far. Every store and restaurant we went into, someone was saying, "Oh, aren't you enjoying this BEAUTIFUL weather! Hottest day of the year so far!" One of the stores we went into that day was the Mountain Hardware store to buy each of us a coat since we were so cold and were not prepared for that weather! :lol: We had to explain to the clerk that we were buying coats on the hottest day of the year because we were visiting from Arizona.