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Ok so wife and I moved to MN. We bought a house and I finally got the green light to build another tank. Going smaller scale than our old 120 tank located here As I travel a lot, my wife does not want to have to worry about a large and complex system while i'm on the road. I decided the Innovative Marine Nuvo Fusion 30L. I like the look of the shallow, long reef. I think we are gonna have it be a soft coral tank with some easy to keep fish. I bought the 36-48" Current USA Orbit Marine led's.

The tank just came today but we have not decided on a stand yet so it might be a bit before I get started. I'll probably unbox everything and leak test the tank at least.



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image.jpg image.jpg Ok so I unboxed the tank and checked it for cracks. I could not find any. I was a little worried about it cracking from temperature since it sat outside on my doorstep in -6F (I think that's around like -18 C) weather for about an hour.

Tank looks good so next step is a leak test. Not sure if I will use this stand or not. Just a place for the tank to sit, out of the way. The tank will go in the living room next to the TV where the dog bed is.



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I'd watch out with that window near the tank. Natural sunlight can cause a TON of algae issues on the side that is exposed too the light. Other then that, sexy little tank :)
image.jpg image.jpg Ok so I got the lights. I selected the Current USA Orbit Marine Lights in the 36-48 model. It might be a tad too long for the Nuvo 30L as the mounting rails stick out about 1/4 inch on each side. I will use a pair of pliers to bend them a bit into the tank. Even without modification, the light still sits fine on the sides of the tank.

I got most of the equipment I need to get this thing cycling. I also just ordered 35 lbs of pukani dry rock and 30 lbs of Caribsea Arag-Alive Figi pink sand.

I ordered a EcoTech MP10ES as well.
image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg Also my wife ordered a stand she liked from Restoration Hardware. It has a stone top so it should be good for getting wet.
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Ok so today is the day the stand comes (t minus 2 hours) and so I have the tank full of tap water testing the pump and for leaks. I also got the dry rock split up but it's still too big. If you can belive it the 35 lbs of it came in 3 huge pieces.

Couple of questions. First I bought agraalive sand. Will that be enough bacteria to start a cycle? Or should I add a piece of live rock to seed the tank?

Also I have a ton of rubble from splitting the rock. Could I put it in the back for more places for bacteria to grow, or will this just be a detritus trap since it will not have good flow?

I'm super excited about this tank. The pump is so quiet and all you here is the small trickle of water flowing into the return.

I need to run to the LFS to get 30 gallons of rodi water and to Home Depot to get a 50 gallon garbage can to mix. Is it ok to use raw salt water to start the tank? Or should I let it mellow for a week before I add it to the tank?

I'll update tonight.

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Ok this is as far as I got tonight. I like the aquascape. The pukani dry rock goes a LONG time way per lb. I still have about 10 lbs left over.

I will have to buy the water tomorrow. Also, there are no holes in the back of the stand so I will have to drill one.

I wouldn't put the rubble in the back (like you said... low flow) but it's always useful to have for gluing frags to and stuff.

Live sand usually isn't enough to start a cycle. I'd throw in a table shrimp (or ghost feed a couple days) to jump start it.
If you do decide to put rubble down there, I'd put in a small pump to keep the water moving. I did that in a 14g Biocube I have. Keeps everything from settling. I only have the pump running at about 35-40gph, but in the small chamber, that goes a looooonnnngg way. Glad to see this coming together!

Any plans as far as stocking?
Well last night was fun. After getting all the rock set I was about to pour in the sand. Then I realized it was wet and that I did not have any saltwater to start the cycle. So as I sat down to crack a cold one and call it quits for the night I realized the tank was not level at all. In fact the top of the tank was about 2 inches from the wall while the bottom of the stand was flush with the wall. The front of the tanks would have to come up 3/8 of an inch to make the tank level. Our house was built in 1920.

I could not sleep on that so my wife and I moved the tank (so glad I did not put in the sand), the stone top (weighs about 200 lbs) and preceded to take 3 hours to figure out how to level the stand. At around 11:30pm we had it all back in place.

Hopefully I'll get water in tonight.

Stocking I'm thinking a pair of clowns and a watchman gobi with a pistol shrimp with soft corals. I'm on the road 4 days a week so I want something super easy for my wife when I'm out of town. Suggestions?

After a long day, the tank is finally full. I grabbed a price of live rock for the LFS to help seed the tank. I did not have a chance to grab shrimp from the grocery store so that will have to happen tomorrow.

Now the wait begins...


I made the mistake on keeping meticulous records on this build, via an excel spreadsheet. Damn this hobby is expensive! The tank was the cheep part but once you have it, it's game over.