Fish keep hiding/retreating


Reefing newb
So far I have found that when I walk past the tank even 10ft away, All the fish retreat into the rock, especially when I go to feed them. I don't want to keep stressing them out I'm even creeping past the tank now(doesn't work). How do I tame fish?
Give them time. My fish used to scatter, until they realized that I was the big goofy fish with the food :) Now everytime I go near, they follow me.
Chromis, royal grammer and a goby, started with the royal grammer 4 weeks ago and then weekly additions with the rest. Have an emerald crab anda peppermint shrimp for about 5 months, nothing bothers the crab, but the shrimp hides.
Mt firecracker goby has hid pretty much all the time. Even more now I have added a royal gramma and a scooter blenny. How do I tempt it out or how long will it take to calm down?
I've had all my fish for over a year now and once one of them freaks out when I walk by, it scares ALL of them! :mrgreen: Fish dash