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Got Fish?
Come know you have a fish chair! :) I thought it might be fun to start a thread in photography called "View From My Fish Chair". :) I'll go first.

Here's my favorite spot in the house!!!



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Thanks Biff. It's 200-years-old! I do love old historical houses. Now what's the view from your fish chair?! And I'm pretty sure we have yet to see photos of your new urchins.
Here's my chair pic but it's not really my chair.
As you can see by the white fur (no ladies, that is not my chest hair, although i know you want it to be), this is Cosmo's view of the tank. :)

Ok, since I tidied up the back area of my tank, I figure I'd take a pic. And compared to Ursula and Dennis' shots, mine's crap LOL!! So don't laugh. We haven't completed the stand yet -- needs doors, and we're planning to repaint the entire basement, so when we do, we will paint the stand's drywall and area around it. I have some nice drawings from Hawaii of a couple of fish that will decorate the area. It will be totally fishy!! Haha! See what I did there? Anyway, white board will have to go ;)

The fish chair is that black thing on the bottom's actually a futon, too. (hey Dennis -- it's IKEA!) It's been ripped by the kids, so I have to sew a new cover.


The view kinda from the couch, sorry for the bluriness. Also, thats my new tank : D

OR you can sit and the bar and view my FW tank :)

Well it's Not to pretty on the other side , I don't know if you seen my build thread for my old 25 gallon, cause that's where it used to be . I have pictures of it fom the other side in that thread