First Sea horse tank

Bluesaltwater87, I appreciate you are comfortable with those conditions for your seahorses. No worries there. I just wanted to make it clear that it's not a good idea to make those recommendations to others just starting out, especially when you have not had long term nor a breadth of seahorse experience yourself. There is nothing wrong with doing things differently, it's just not a great idea to suggest to a novice when what you are suggesting has failed for so many. As you yourself said, you have experience designing systems, not something I would expect with most novices.

I have had seahorses for 2 years. so i have a lot of experiance in the area of sea hourses. and i am not a novice :) lol i love this hobby wayyyy to much to just stop and not go even deeper. and i didnt mean for anyone to just jump into the building of a system as soon as i say go. I took my time and had a few chromis in the tank to seen the sand and got some CUC in the tank and i waited for 8 mouths befor i got a seahorse for the tank. I do understand were you are coming from and i know that sometimes i can "jump the gun" in some things. :shock:
I did not realize we were in "", forum "pedantic and irrelevant".

Piling on someone over their spelling and grammar is really childish. If you disagree with someone, then disagree on their points.
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Amba, this was over a week ago, what made you think your comment was necessary? Having proper spelling and acceptable grammar is important, especially when you are trying to communicate online and give out information or seek help, but he has already been told and he has chosen to ignore our advice, you don't need add to it.
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