fire fire haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

hey guys last night me and my family were sleep when got up for a glass of water it smell funny like burn i ran to the living room to see what was was the heater on my tank that was on fire i unplug it the glass from the heater had crack...why? that was crazy...:shock:
Glass heaters suck. Usually when this happens it is either because the heater was on, and not submerged in the water, or the heater was faulty. Replace it with a titanium heater, and make sure it is well submerged.
Probably banged against a rock. Or could have been exposed to the air while on. Water could have leaked in then caused a little arc flash in side. Many reasons.

Also many reasons I prefer titanium heaters with external controls. They are less prone to this kind of failure.
Geez that's scary. I'm one of those people that's paranoid about fires. If I make dinner then go to bed, I'll get up two or three times to check and make sure that the stove and oven are off! It's a little bit OCD... I was always paranoid when I had my tank. Saltwater and electricity don't mix.

I'm really glad you woke up and were able to yank that heater out before a fire started.

I'm no electrician, so I don't know if it would have helped or not, but do you have your equipment plugged into a GFCI outlet? I had a handy friend come over and install a GFCI outlet where I plugged all my tank stuff in when I set it up.